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We shall be free

I had house guests from Thursday night until Monday morning. My nephew, (one of the one's I call my son), his pregnant wife and her 5 yr. old son, moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Orlando, Florida. They only lived in New Mexico for 6 months, but they hated it so bad that they're moving again. I get totally amazed at people who are brave enough to move while only taking what can fit into their car, and then getting into the new town and starting all over again. First they stay in one of those long term hotels while they find jobs and an apartment. Then they furnish their apartment by going to garage sales and second hand stores. That takes a lot of guts. I don't spend a day away from home without some sort of agenda.

Since I got my own apartment at 17, I've had stragglers moving in and out all the time. It seems like someone I cared about was always in need of a place to stay and I ended up being that person. For some reason, I can't handle anyone in my space anymore.

Saturday I had 12 people over to visit. Most of the time we stayed in my garden, still, I couldn't wait for everyone to go. It's like I love to see them come, and I love it even more to see them go.

Sam is the same way. In his culture whole families are always going to spend a few nights with other family members. He said he loved to have family over and how much he enjoyed staying over with them, too, but for some reason, he's just like me now (or I'm like him), and can't barely handle anyone in our space.

Before we got married we agreed that if we wanted to raise children together we would adopt. After all the folks left (except our house guests), I asked him if he still wanted to adopt some children. He said he changed his mind. In fact, he doesn't even want a cat or a dog anymore. Maybe I'll talk him into a gold fish pond one day.

I guess this feeling of freedom from responsibility for other people has really taken ahold of us both. We sure do enjoy running the streets as we please, and living clothing optional is pretty liberating, too.

I think we're going to buy tickets to see the Jesus Christ movie this weekend. I swear, curiousity is going to make that movie earn a gazillion dollars.

Okay, that took all of 3 mins. to not think about operations and stuff.

8:27 p.m. - 2004-03-02


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