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I had my surgery this evening. My doctor's educated opinion is that my breast tumor is not malignant. We won't have the definitive pathologist's report until Friday, but his observations and opinions were enough to bring on celebration time.

My breasts are binded with an ace bandage. I have to wear this thing for the next 24 hours to help prevent swelling. That's no fun.

I have to wear Ted hose for 24 hours to prevent clotting. These suckers are so tight I can't believe I got them on.

I almost passed out once when I turned to look at them putting the guide wire in my breast. I swear, the needle they thread it through is about 2 to 3 inches long. That was inserted in my breast at about 12:30 this morning. My surgery didn't happen until 7:30 tonight.

As I was laying in bed waiting for the surgery, everytime I closed my eyes I had visions of being awake during the surgery and feeling it. I would jump really hard and wake myself up. So, I didn't eat, sleep or drink for the 14 hours I waited for surgery.

The minute I woke up from the surgery, I asked for my clothes. I wanted out of there so bad.

I had my husband with me, my son, my sister, 2 of my "adopted" daughters, 1 niece, and another niece stopped by. All the medical people would come in my room and get a little surprised at all the people, but they allowed them to stay with me.

One of my nurses got so intimidated at all my nurse nieces and adopted daughters (2 of whom work in that hosptial - 1 in E.R. and 1 in I.C.U.), that she missed my vein (to put in the I.V.) twice. She said something like "next, you all are going to tell me that someone is a lawyer." My sister said "oops, we have those in here too." The nurse left to call a doctor in to do it. We felt bad for her. She was actually sweating bullets. I mean dripping sweat. How sad for her lack of confidence. My arms are pretty messed up from that.

I'm so drugged up right now, and I'm typing about 5 words a minute, but I'm so elated that I don't even want to lay down. I'm happy. Good Lord, I'm so happy.

10:15 p.m. - 2004-03-09


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