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The divider

For the entire history of this country people have been arguing about politics. That's us, and that's what makes us unique. I've studied political science extensively; I've argued politics probably 100's of times; I was on the debate team and the subject we chose over all others was politics. Most of my family and friends I would consider politically aware. I've even played devil's advocate and defended Agnew and Nixon, just for kicks.

This is what I've been thinking about, for the first time ever (my boss, who is 85 yrs. old agrees with me) politics has become almost a taboo subject. People are so passionate in their love or hate of this current regime, that they can't even have a friendly debate.

A Republican tried to argue with me telling me its the fault of the Democrats that the debate has become this heated; that both parties can't find any neutral ground, but I insist that the Republicans started the nastiness when they were so relentless in trying to get Clinton out of office. They even hinted that they thought President Clinton was guilty of murdering his good friend Foster, who committed suicide. How low can people get?

Did any of them notice when Clinton's term was up, there was no more talk of him being guilty of crimes? Does Whitewater come to mind? Ken Starr was absolutely horrible to the president, yet, now they call us unpatriotic to even question the president when he's sending our people to be killed.

Of all the craziness this president has caused, I think history will record that his biggest accomplishment was to completely polarize the citizens of this country. He is a divider like this country has never seen in our history.

At a money raiser Bush had with some very rich Republicans, he said "You are the 'haves' and the 'have more'. They (meaning whom, the rest of us?) call you the elite. I call you my base." Yes, some of us know that, but I wish he would make that very clear to all of those poor people who believe his bullshit.

I think this country is as divided now mentally, as it was when we had the Civil War - thanks to the great divider. That thought makes me sad, and angry.

I saw another great bumper sticker: "Bush is making enemies faster than we can kill them."

10:58 p.m. - 2004-07-11


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