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Stupid hurricanes again, etc.

We were scared shitless when the hurricanes started entering the Gulf last week, and quite happy when they started veering off to the east. And then, our family member, who lives in Florida, called to tell us that a tree came through their apartment. They were not in the apartment at the time because they went to a hotel to wait out the storm. They're now homeless.

Talk about misery: They have an 8 week old baby. The dad got layed off his job when the baby was 4 days old; the baby just spent 5 days in the hospital (getting spinal taps, and stuff) because they thought he had spinal miningitis. Three days after the baby got out of the hospital, the hurricane came through and distroyed their apartment. Now they're homeless. With the dad not finding another job, they have no money to get another apartment. This is the same dad who's first baby was accidently killed by the hospital 5 years ago. How much bad luck can one human have?

I haven't really been feeling like writing. Life is about the same day in and day out. I guess I should be thankful for that. Sometimes excitement equals bullshit. I'll pass on that for ordinary.

I finally got a diagnosis for my bitch stomach that's been bothering me for years. IBS, it's called. I call it hell, but at least I'm learning to stay very calm. Stress makes it act up. The two breast surgeries were the proverbial straw that broke my tolerance for stomach pain. The various medicines are helping.

Also, I have carperal (I don't have a clue how to spell that word) tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I'm seeing the hand surgeon this coming Friday.

In July of last year I could say that I had never had surgery except for child birth. Now in one year I've had my gallbladder removed, a hernia repaired, 2 breast surgeries and now I'm about to have hand surgery. Looks like I'm trying to make up for never seeing doctors, except for routine check ups.

Ya know what? I still can't complain. Everything keeps turning up alright, and I've come out on the right side each time.

9:23 p.m. - 2004-08-15


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