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48% said No--Maybe

I have never, bar none, seen people so passionate about politics. Today I watched Kerry's consession speech with a bunch of people that work for a local Jewish charity organization, plus my regular lunch bunch ladies. I teared up a few times, and last night I got so upset I thought I was having a heart attack, but these people today cried. I mean really cried. Big tears running down their cheeks. A few sobs. There was such a feeling of sadness. The emotion and pain was impressive, and depressingI can't understand so many people voting for one candidate or the other based on one issue. "I'm against abortion. Therefore, Bush gets my vote." "I hate gay people, so I'm voting for Bush."

The one that just floors me is "Bush will keep us safer from terrorists." Do they think he will single handedly stop the terrorists at our borders? How can people not realize that Bush has created more terrorists than ever existed? Now, regular, ordinary guys are hating on the U.S. I have friends and family in the Middle East, and their attitudes have changed dramatically towards us, and not to the good, believe me. The number one word used for us is "bullies." We've lost so much respect and good-will. It's so sad.

As for a democracy in the Middle East, give up the thought completely. Who ever told us that they wanted us to come into their country, fuck up the entire infrastructure, slaughter and/or cripple, upwards of 100,000 people, and tell them how we think they should live? How arrogant.

Put money on this one - there will never be democracy in the Middle East, at least not what we call democracy. Those people's lives revolve around their religion, and all they have ever wanted was religious states. (Saddam was much too secular for any of the Arabs, and that's why they hated him. He was never a good Muslim.) I know that thought makes Bush and his cronies shudder, but that's the fact. If we don't rig their elections, they will vote in shieks and mullahs to run their countries. We have created another Iraq. Mark my words.

P.S. Somebody needs to explain this to me: Exit polls are usually off a bit, but not WAY OFF. CNN showed exit polls of about 52-48 for Kerry - women were 53-47 for Kerry and men were 51-49 for Kerry. Then, an Orwellian/Rovian hand changed the results to: 52-48 Bush (male) and 50-50 (female). O.K. Now this is what I need to know, how in the FUCK do exit poll stats change at 1:30 a.m.? Did they go knock on doors and ask people to "pretend" they changed their votes after they went to bed? I'm not paranoid. I'm just saying Shit stinks, and so does this. Could they have done it again?

6:16 p.m. - 2004-11-03


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