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We're going to be OK

We are now back home. We have potable water, electricity, and our cable just came back on about 5 mins. ago. All is looking up.

My brother was found after 9 or 10 days. He had stayed behind to help, he's an electrician. He thought all was well after the storm winds died down. He went outside to assess his damage when he heard a horrible roar. It was the sound of the water rushing toward him, crushing everything in its path. Within 5 mins. the water was up to his roof. He stayed on the roof for 2 or 3 days, then an empty boat floated by. He swam in the putrid water to catch the boat. As he was paddling to high ground, he kept finding people on their roofs, so he would stop to pick up as many as possible, boat them to high ground, then go back for more. He did this for 6 days. He's one of the true heros. We have so many here.

For those of you who doubt the Federal Government deserted us for almost a week, think about this -- the first rescuers who arrived in my brother's little community south of New Orleans, were a group of 33 Canadian Mounties. Think about that for a moment. The Mounties found the community, bringing rescue boats, food and water, before the U.S. Government. I find that shocking.

17 days later, my last neice was located in Arkansas. My very best friend Nora, and her two little boys have not been located. She lived in an area that had 20 feet of water. One of my oldest friends, Nicky, has not been heard from yet. He lived in the area that the looters destroyed. I'm so worried about my friends.

We have an oak tree on our roof. Most of the shingles on the roof have gone north. Our 60 foot pecan tree fell on my neighbor's house. My house and yard, and my whole neighborhood actually looks like a bomb was dropped on it.

We are lucky. 5 family members will have to come live with Sam and I until they have houses because they lost everything to the black mold that has taken over the wet houses. I think my sister and her husband and their youngest son are hinting to live with us too. I cannot turn anyone away.

Sam went back to work. They called me to come in too, but I'm just not ready to deal with a law office while you can write your name on every surfice of my house.

I would never have believed that one human could cry so many tears, both sad and happy. It all runs together. I'm so tired.

4:43 p.m. - 2005-09-19


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