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Gee, I forgot about this place

I totally forgot about this place. Needless to say, my mind went many other places for a long time. I'm not even into journaling anymore. I think I need some sort of anti-depressive really bad, but we haven't been able to find one that works. I did try a few but the made me feel worse. They caused panic attacks, and I developed phobias. I never had phobias and/or panic attacks in my life. Anyway...

In February of 2007, I tore my ACL ligament from a slip in my bathroom. I stayed on crutches for months, and still use a knee brace. I had surgery to try to fix it, but the doctor said it would have been easier to sew together the ends of a mop. I can't just walk anymore, I have to consciencely step everytime. Real pain in the rear.

In May, 2007, I did get something from the surgery. The anestetic almost killed me. It gave me an ilius, which means my insides wouldn't wake up. Everything functioned except my stomach and intestines. I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks with an NG tube down in my stomach pulling out the acid. It took about 2 weeks for my insides to wake up. Ugly, ugly scene. I was up-chucking bowel content until they got the NG tube in place. Enough about that nasty stuff.

My job fired me for taking unauthorized extended medical leave. I stayed home an extra week from my surgery. I didn't know that I should be taking the time off under FMLA, which would have protected my job for 12 weeks. At first, I was so sick, and in pain and depressed that I just stayed home in bed and felt sorry for myself. When I finally got the energy to fight my boss, I won. They are still paying about half my salary, but it's about to run out. I've been out of work since May of last year. I know my former boss is really giving me a bad rap, but I don't know how to prove it. This is so scary.

I just took the Civil Service test for both the city and the parish (county). I did really well on both tests. I applied to work for the city attorney, which would be an awesome job, and I also applied to work as the administative assistant to the fire chief. I could deal with any of those two jobs. I do not ever want to work in a law office again.

Sam and I are still doing really well. We still love and laugh constantly. That's a good thing. He's been super through this phase of my pathetic life.

On a wonderful, positive note - I'm a grandmother, and will have another grandson in October. There's no words to express the love of a grandchild. It's the most gratifying experience of my life. Now I know why we have kids - for their kids.

4:03 p.m. - 2008-05-03


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