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I saw a new doctor today. I absolutely love this guy. This one amazed me by not having a god ego. He was so down to earth that it was disarming. I was also amazed by the fact that he looks like about 25 yrs. old. He may be about 35.

I've been having a recurring nightmare that every doctor would refuse to see me because doctors hate covering up other doctors mistakes, so they would just let me die. I didn't see a moments hesitation in him. He said it has to come out and that's it.

I got shocked when he brought in the ultrasound machine and told me if he could find the tumor on the ultrasound, he would do a needle biopsy and take a core sample to send to the pathologist. My other doctor totally rejected that idea.

He saw the tumor. He gave me a shot to deaden my breast, then proceeded to take a core sample. Then he took two more samples from different areas of the tumor. He said "I'm going to take a few samples because the last thing you need is a doctor to 'miss' again."

Only the third one stung pretty bad. I'm guessing it was a bit outside of the deadened area. Otherwise, it wasn't so awful.

The doctor is a jokester and kept cracking me up. He said, "are you ready?" I said "yeah, go for it." He said "your're lying. You know you're scared to death." Yes, I was, but I need to know so I bit the bullet.

He snapped a picture of the tumor for my scrapbook. That made me laugh too.

CORRECTION (After my neice read the picture): The real dark spot in the middle is the cavity left from the first surgery (which will fill in with time). The white lettering above it circles the tumor that was missed. On the mammograms it looks white, but on the ultrasound it looks black. I don't know if you can tell, but it looks exactly like a baby's ultrasound picture. From the real picture it appears to have a head and body, and facial features. Really weird.

We'll have the pathologist's report back by Monday. I'll finally know if I'm dealing with cancer or not.

6:06 p.m. - 2004-05-18


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